sureti for restoration contractors | Get paid quickly and in full

Get paid quickly and in full

You focus on the restoration, and we’ll focus on getting you paid!

Spend less time navigating an inefficient process that involves Carriers, Lenders, and Property Owners in order to receive insurance claims proceeds for their completed work.

Avoid unnecessary and costly administrative burden on the Contractor to track down payment. Complete repairs and get paid for your work.

sureti is a third-party fund control service that establishes payment rails between Insurance Carriers and Restoration Contractors – eliminating Mortgage Lenders from claims process altogether.

How does sureti work?

Carrier initiates claim payment with sureti

Policyholder receives an email to digitally endorse the payment and select the preferred contractor

Contractor receives a notification and initial partial payment to get started

Jobsite is documented with 3D imaging

sureti monitors progress and releases payments to the contractor as the work is completed

sureti will even collect the deductible from the Property Owner on your behalf.

Become a sureti Certified Contractor

sureti can become a new source of work for your restoration company. When a claim is initiated by a Carrier in sureti, the homeowner will have a list of vetted Contractors in their area to choose from.

As a sureti Certified Contractor, you could get paid as soon as you accept the job with sureti. You’ll also be able to communicate with homeowners and TEAMsureti as well and track jobsite progress through the platform.

To join sureti as a Certified Restorer, reach out to us
by selecting a Demo below.

Contractor FAQs

Onboarding Restoration Contractors

sureti helps you get paid quicker. sureti cuts out the Lender altogether and moves payments electronically into your account as work progresses. We also get rid of inspections, and use 3D scans of the restoration of the property, protecting you from future litigation.

sureti charges $90 a month to maintain a Branch (or Office) on the sureti platform, ensuring that clients and potential customers will be able to find your company in their local area.


For Standard Fund Control, sureti charges a percentage (typically 2.5%) for each time we get you paid faster.

Ease of selection and visibility by property owners. In short, it helps you get paid faster. As an added benefit, it ensures that any Restoration Contractors on our platform have been fully vetted by the sureti team and are current on all regulatory requirements.

Easy! We’ll send you an agreement to review and then ask for standard documentation like License, W9, and surety bond if required.

Give us a call. We’d like to learn more. If we can’t get you paid faster, maybe it’s best we stay as friends.

sureti Certified Contractors

sureti no longer accepts paper claim checks with a mortgage lender listed on it. Please work directly with your client and their Lender to get the funds endorsed and released.

sureti typically disburses insurance claim funds via ACH transactions to the contractor.

sureti’s Fund Release Schedule is as follows:

  • One-third (⅓) Disbursed at the outset once the claim file is in compliance;
  • One-third (⅓) at 50% completion of project as evidenced by 3D Scan Data;
  • One-third (⅓) (a) ~100% completion of project as evidenced by 3D Scan Data (i.e., the property has been visually restored to

what is commonly regarded as pre-loss condition or better, and); (b) The Borrower has signed a Certificate-of-Completion confirming the relative work scope has been completed to their satisfaction.

Processing fees are calculated based on a Restoration Contractor’s perceived solvency, past performance, total check volume, total insurance proceeds processed, surety bond limits, insurance limits, licensing, certifications, and overarching suretiSCORE. These terms are outlined in the Master Service Agreement that was signed during the onboarding process.

sureti will send an invoice directly to the Property Owner via email with a link to submit payment via credit card or ACH. Once the deductible has been collected, sureti will send net proceeds (deducting our fee) directly to the Contractor.

As an unbiased third-party, sureti’s role is to handle situations such as this. Contact the suretiCLAIMS team via the messaging system in sureti, call, or email our team and we’ll work to get you paid in full.

If you’re unable to complete a 3D Scan of the property, sureti will coordinate with either the Property Owner or with our 3rd Party Scan Network to have one performed.

If you are working with subcontractors who would benefit from being part of the discussion on insurance claim funds proceeds, they can be added by your Branch Owner to the relevant cards as a Collaborater.

suretiPro Website and App

Branch Owners should be administrators in your office who have the bandwidth to oversee and interact with all claims that your office processes through sureti. sureti supports multiple Co-Owners for each Branch but requires a singular email address to ground each Branch.

The Branch Owner oversees all of a Branch’s claims processed through sureti. Branch Owners are also able to chat within the messaging system in the app, add documents, add collaborators, and upload scans on all claims going through their Branch within sureti.

Please combine them into a single .PDF file and upload them to the Branch Profile. If you need any assistance, just ask a member of the suretiCLAIMS team.

If you are using a different email address for your work with your new company, please inform the suretiCLAIMS team and have your new Branch Owner or Co-Owner invite your new email address to sureti.

Submit change orders and any other supplementary documents not listed on the suretiPRO App by emailing

sureti app for PRO Contractors

Accelerate the flow of claims proceeds. Conveniently on your smartphone.

  • Upload a new check or generate a proposal
  • Manage your open checks
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Accept a new claim
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