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Restoration Contractors want to focus on doing what’s most important: building and getting paid for their work. But right now, most Contractors have to spend countless hours navigating a process that is so inefficient it feels downright criminal. No one has the time to both restore properties and figure out all of the necessary steps for each Mortgage Lender to release insurance claim proceeds in a timely manner. The lack of transparency leads to all sorts of misunderstandings, increasing tension and further reducing the speed of insurance proceeds. And Restorers feel the most pain, as their work often goes uncompensated.


sureti establishes payment rails directly from Insurance Carriers to Restoration Contractors, radically reducing headaches for both front-line and administrative staff. If your restoration company is interested in joining the sureti Certified Restorer network, reach out to us below.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Restorers

sureti helps you and your clients quickly turn Insurance Claim Checks with Mortgage Lenders listed as a payee into actual funds to pay your for the work you performed. sureti alleviates much of the administrative burden for both your team and your clients by interacting directly with the Lenders on your behalf.

sureti charges $90 a month to maintain a Branch (or Office) on the sureti Network, ensuring that clients and potential customers will be able to find your company in their local area. For Standard Fund Control and Fund Control with a Mortgage Lender, sureti charges a 2.5% percentage for each check processed. Many situations also allow our partners to process checks with sureti at no charge. Schedule a Demo with us to learn more.

A Restoration Contractor will not be visible to current and future clients on the sureti platform unless they are sureti Certified. This ensures that any Restoration Contractors on our network have been fully vetted by the sureti team and will be up to date on all requirements.

If you would like to become part of the sureti network and start leveraging our tools, please go to or contact the suretiCONCIERGE team at

You’re in the right place! Upload the check to sureti if you’re already a Certified Restorer or head to to get started using sureti.

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