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The Property Owner/Policyholder/Borrower wants their property to be restored so they can go back to a normal life, but nothing about the traditional method is easy. The sureti platform is built specifically to help Property Owners by simplifying a confusing process, connecting them with all the relevant parties with ease, and speeding up the release of the insurance proceeds required for their property to be restored to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.


Property Owners for decades have been surprised to learn that filling a claim and getting their Carrier to write a check in an amount required to restore the property to pre-loss condition is only half the battle. The real test of their patience comes when they attempt to cash a check with their Mortgage Lender on it. There are so many hoops to jump through, forms to sign, even documents to fax and more during this process. sureti takes on this burden for Property Owners, removing time spent on hold with Lender representatives, minimizing confusion between all parties, and reducing headaches across the board.


By using sureti, Property Owners have increased solace knowing that sureti will not release the final proceeds (typically ~33%) until they have signed the Certificate-of-Completion (“COC”) confirming the restoration work has been completed to their satisfaction. The sureti COC will also reconcile any direct payments made to their Preferred Contractor prior to engaging sureti. When the final payments are issued, all relevant parties are satisfied to the extent that sureti can influence the final outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions by Property Owners

A: sureti is an unbiased, third-party fund control operating in the property restoration sphere. We facilitate the restoration process by communicating with Policyholders, Contractors, Insurance Carriers, and Mortgage Lenders to vastly decrease the amount of time each party needs to spend on administration, ensuring that funds are used correctly, and that the property is fully restored.

A: For Property Owners, sureti is absolutely free!

A: We recommend using the sureti app on either Android or iOS for the best experience. However, you are able to use sureti on your browser by logging in at

A: sureti submits these documents to your Mortgage Lender on your behalf and retains them for your own records and reference. sureti works exclusively with your Mortgage Lender, Insurance Carrier, and Contractor on your claim so you can be sure your information is protected and safe.

A: Yes! The entire process will take longer as everything has to clear through the both Mortgage Lenders’ systems, but sureti is designed to process insurance claim checks with multiple lenders listed as payees.

A: Absolutely! The documentation, and the check itself, will likely need to be signed by all listed Borrowers before submission.