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Property Owners, Policyholders, Borrowers

sureti is an unbiased, third-party fund control operating in the property restoration sphere. We facilitate the restoration process by communicating with Policyholders, Contractors, Insurance Carriers, and Mortgage Lenders to vastly decrease the amount of time each party needs to spend on administration, ensuring that funds are used correctly, and that the property is fully restored.

For Property Owners, sureti is absolutely free!

We recommend using the sureti app on either Android or iOS for the best experience. However, you are able to use sureti on your browser by logging in at po.sureti.com

Sign up for sureti here. When signing up, you’ll need to provide:
• Full name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Loss address
• Mailing address (if different)
• Picture of the front and back of your government-issued ID
• SSN (last four digits)

In order to process your Claim, we’ll need the:
• Loan number
• Claim number
• Insurance adjuster’s name, email address and phone number
• Full name(s) and email address(es) of anyone else on the Claim Check/Mortgage with Mortgage Lender
• Contractor company name
• Mortgage Lender name
• Insurance Carrier name

sureti submits these documents to your Mortgage Lender on your behalf and retains them for your own records and reference. sureti works exclusively with your Mortgage Lender, Insurance Carrier, and Contractor on your claim so you can be sure your information is protected and safe.

sureti will need your help to get started. Simply download the sureti app onto your mobile device, create a profile, fill out some claim details and upload images of your check! A suretiCLAIMS team member will reach out to you shortly after with any additional information we need to move forward.

Yes! The entire process will take longer as everything has to clear through the both Mortgage Lenders’ systems, but sureti is designed to process insurance claim checks with multiple lenders listed as payees.

Absolutely! The documentation, and the check itself, will likely need to be signed by all listed Borrowers before submission.

Notify the suretiCLAIMS Team within the App or email us at claims@sureti.com and we will coordinate with you when possible.


Yes! sureti was built to accommodate both residential and commercial property damage.

When one of our trusted, Certified Restoration Contractor Partners recommends you use sureti. If you would like to use sureti but you don’t see your Restoration Contractor available on the app, just let us know at support@sureti.com.

Yes! Ask them to sign up here and a suretiCONCIERGE member will get them setup.

If you receive an insurance payout from your Insurance Carrier that lists multiple parties, including your Mortgage Lender, then you will not be able to simply cash the check yourself and sign it over to your chosen Restoration Contractor to pay their invoices. sureti exists to help you convert your insurance claim check into payment for your Restoration Contractor, while protecting your interests and ensuring your property is being restored.

Yes. If you can’t find your particular Mortgage Lender, just select “Other” and the suretiCLAIMS team will coordinate with them.

Yes! Your Mortgage Lender will likely require some additional steps but sureti can easily assist.


Yes! Just add the general contractor as the Branch and the other contractors as coordinators on the check. Your general contractor will likely spearhead this themselves when needed.

You’ve come to the right place! Download the sureti App on the Google Play Store or App Store and sign up. Then, select the “Submit a Check” button and follow the prompts on the screen to begin processing your multi-party check.

Yes! Even when restoration is finished, getting your Mortgage Lender to release funds is still a painful process. sureti alleviates the pain by handling the administration with your Mortgage Lender so you don’t have to.

Restoration Contractors

sureti was purpose built to handle a number of different concerns for Restoration Contractors. Primarily, sureti handles the administrative burden for you and your clients and facilitates the flow of Insurance Claim Funds so you get paid promptly and in full for the work you complete, for Insurance Claim Checks that have a Mortgage Lender listed as a payee and for those that don’t. sureti also stores 3D scans of the restoration of the property, protecting you from future litigation. In the fast moving world of Restoration, sureti also offers an Advancement service, allowing you to stabilize your cash flow until Insurance Claim Funds are released.

sureti charges $90 a month to maintain a Branch (or Office) on the sureti Network, ensuring that clients and potential customers will be able to find your company in their local area. For Standard Fund Control and Fund Control with a Mortgage Lender, sureti charges a percentage for each check processed, between 1% to 6%, depending on several different factors addressed below in “How does sureti calculate the sureti Expediting Fee?”. Many situations also allow many of our partners to process checks with sureti at no charge. Schedule a meeting with the suretiCONCIERGE team to learn more.

A Restoration Contractor will not be visible to current and future clients on the sureti platform unless they are sureti Certified. This ensures that any Restoration Contractors on our network have been fully vetted by the sureti team and will be up to date on all requirements.

sureti prefers to disburse insurance claim funds via ACH transactions to the contractor.

At this time, sureti is only able to work with vetted Restoration Contractors. If you would like to become part of the sureti network and start leveraging our tools, please contact the suretiCONCIERGE team

As an unbiased third-party, sureti’s role is to handle situations such as this. Contact the suretiCLAIMS team via the messaging system in sureti, call, or email our team and we’ll work to get you paid in full.

If you are using a different email address for your work with your new company, please inform the suretiCLAIMS team and have your new Branch Owner or Co-Owner invite your new email address to sureti. Otherwise, please continue using your old email address!

  • One-third (⅓) Disbursed at the outset once the claim file is in compliance; 
  • One-third (⅓) at 50% completion of project as evidenced by 3D Scan Data;
  • One-third (⅓) (a) ~100% completion of project as evidenced by 3D Scan Data (i.e., the property has been visually restored to what is commonly regarded as pre-loss condition or better, and); (b) The Borrower has signed a Certificate-of-Completion confirming the relative work scope has been completed to their satisfaction.

Branch Owners should be administrators in your office who have the bandwidth to oversee and interact with all claims that your office processes through sureti. sureti supports multiple Co-Owners for each Branch but requires a singular email address to ground each Branch.

  • The Branch Owner oversees all of a Branch’s claims processed through sureti. Branch Owners are also able to chat within the messaging system in the app, add documents, add collaborators, and upload scans on all claims going through their Branch within sureti.

Please combine them into a single .PDF file and upload them to the Branch Profile. If you need any assistance, just ask a member of the suretiCLAIMS team.

If you are working with subcontractors who would benefit from being part of the discussion on insurance claim funds proceeds, they can be added by your Branch Owner to the relevant cards.

Contact the suretiCLAIMS Team who will waive the surety bond requirement.

Processing fees are calculated based on a Restoration Contractor’s perceived solvency, past performance, total check volume, total insurance proceeds processed, surety bond limits, insurance limits, licensing, certifications, and overarching suretiSCORE.

Actionable Insights Matterport Certification (AIMC) is a certification that you can complete online that confirms that a member of your team is capable of operating a Matterport camera to perform 3D scans of the restored property. If you do not have a team member with an AIMC, please contact the suretiCLAIMS team.

Your client should download the sureti app, go through the steps there, and upload the check image. Your team should download the suretiPRO app or use our online portal at pro.sureti.com to stay up to date. If your company hasn’t partnered with sureti yet but would like to use our services, reach out to our concierge team at concierge@sureti.com to get started.

Absolutely! sureti can perform Standard Fund Control for all insurance claim checks, ensuring your clients’ satisfaction and your own peace of mind that you’ll get paid in full.

Insurance Carriers

sureti is designed to be used independently, but can integrate with your claims systems by request.

Absolutely! As an added benefit sureti allows for Direct Payment disbursements at a small transactional cost complete with managerial controls and discretion.

Nope. They would simply get an email to digitally endorse their payment and select their Contractor. That’s it!

Not a problem. Any contractor can easily sign up at pro.sureti.com/getting-started or by emailing concierge@sureti.com

We’ve yet to meet a Contractor that doesn’t want get started on the job quickly and not worry about where their money will come from. sureti’s goal is a happier Contractor and happier Policyholder.

sureti aims to make it fair and equitable for everyone involved and believes it’s only appropriate to share in the work it’s involved with. Monthly subscriptions start at $550/month and scale with the size of the organization. We earn additional income by sharing in the loss proceeds we control and de-risk on your behalf. Those amounts are agreed to with the Restoration Contractor agreement.

Maybe you don’t. Most property (commercial and residential) carriers we speak with are deeply concerned with the outcome of their claimant’s experience and understand the lower cost to retain a customer is well worth the small investment. Not to mention the ever-increasing cost of keeping a Policyholder out of their home or business. But, hey, it’s your money.