Remove the busywork from the payment process

Listing a third-party Lender on a claim check has adverse effects on the Policyholder experience, the Contractor’s ability to build at speed and the Insurance Carrier’s expenses.

The legacy means of distributing claims proceeds is clunky and costly

Persistent issues in property claims stem from outdated, time-consuming processes. When a Lender is included on a claims payment, a number of consequences occur:

23% of checks are re-issued due to wrong Lender information

Claims cycles take 8+ weeks longer

Additional Living Expenses and Business Interruption severity increase by 19%

Mechanic liens on properties increase by 9%

sureti retrofitted the plumbing

Welcome to the purpose-built future — sureti will take it from here.

It feels good to be loved

sureti is proud to have earned the trust of Restorers, Policyholders, Insurance Carriers and Mortgage Lenders from across North America.

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