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sureti was built by those with a deep understanding of the property insurance ecosystem. Conceived without bias, with an eye towards being something that all four materially interested parties could love.

Property Owners App

sureti Take Picture Of Your Check

Take Picture Of Your Check

Use the sureti app to upload images of the front and back of the fully endorsed loss draft check.

Select your Preferred sureti Contractor

Select your Preferred Contractor

Select your Preferred Contractor from a list of certified providers.

sureti E-Signature


sureti has standardized the Claim Packets and relieves you of the burden of having to fill out mountains of paperwork. Documents are electronically generated and submitted for e-signature to the appropriate parties, keeping insurance proceeds moving with velocity.

sureti 3D Scans

3D Scans

The Property Owners and Contractors perform 3D Matterport scans that illustrate restoration progress, providing solace to the Lender and Carrier that work is progressing according to schedule. These digital assets collateralize the swift release of insurance proceeds relative to real-time job site progress.


If you’re a Property Owner and remain keen to cash your two-party insurance proceeds check with ease - look no further and download the sureti app today.

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Everyone Wins, Seriously Everyone.

The true cost of processing loss drafts checks will never be completely captured. But everyone who has experienced the current system just a single time knows there has to be a better way. Welcome to that purpose-built future, sureti will take it from here.

For Property Owners, sureti is effectively free. The Processing Fees are nominal, and they are absorbed by a mix of your Mortgage Lender, Restoration Contractor and Carrier, who have agreed to do so as a condition of maintaining an active status within our network.
sureti relieves Property Owners of the headaches associated with filling out mountains of paperwork, obtaining signatures, and waiting on hold to speak with call center representatives. sureti handles all of this for you and is committed every day to treating your money like it is just that: your money and it needs to work for you. We offer increased control by withholding final insurance proceeds until you have confirmed the work has been completed to your satisfaction. Moreover, all the auxiliary economics are reconciled before the final proceeds are transferred to the materially interested parties – contemplating down payments, deductibles, and performance payments that may have occurred prior to uploading the check to sureti.
How the Money Flows in sureti

Professional App

Manage Your Checks in sureti

Manage Your Checks

Leverage the suretiPRO App to review the status of both your “Open Checks” in addition to an archive of your legacy “Cashed & Closed” checks.

Collaborate In Real Time in sureti

Collaborate In Real-Time

Gone are the days of waiting on hold for a Mortgage Lender Call Center Representative to field your call. Simply tag @suretiClaims within the Messaging App and obtain updates in seconds, not hours.

sureti 3D Scans

3D Scans

Contractors and Staff Adjusters use suretiPRO to track job progress remotely via the 3D Scans – exponential adjusting/estimating. Underwriters are also leveraging the sureti platform to champion better renewal outcomes.


If you are a Mortgage Company Representative, Restoration Contractor, or Staff Adjuster, you are going to love the suretiPRO App.

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