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Insurance Carriers serve as the backbone of the property insurance ecosystem. Year over year, as catastrophes increase in rate and severity, carriers struggle to find ways to manage costs while maintaining similar levels of coverage and customer experience.


National claims managers have tried every strategy under the sun to reduce their true cost to adjust. But one thing is certain; when a Lender is listed on a claim check, administrative cost and business interruption/additional living expense increases.


sureti does not claim to be the solution to all of the problems facing Insurance Carriers, but we have solved for a few. We:



  • Omit the Lender while eliminating the possibility of having to pay the claim twice
  • Reduce additional living expense and business interruption severity
  • Eliminate misappropriation of deductibles
  • Transcend the consequences associated with steering, while ensuring claims are routed to vetted vendors that are pre-approved by the Carrier
  • Provide real-time job progress insights via geospatial scans (interior) and an aerial image suite (exterior)
  • Facilitate more accurate underwriting and improved renewal outcomes


With sureti you can take back control of the flow of funds, and consequently create better outcomes for you and your Policyholders.

Frequently Asked Questions by Insurance Carriers

A: Head on over to and enter your contact details. A member of the sureti Team will reach out with next steps.

A: Sign in through the suretiPRO App for Android or Apple or the browser portal at

A: sureti is designed to restore Policy Holder’s property more quickly, efficiently, and securely than any current process. sureti connects all relevant parties in the Restoration ecosystem, reducing administrative time, and accelerating the speed at which a property can be restored. sureti provides Insurance Carrier partners with all relevant documentation, data, and progress updates for each claim.