Policyholder experience matters

Let’s face it — it costs more to acquire a new Policyholder than it does to retain existing ones. At point of claim is the time where their experience will tell whether they become a lifelong customer or go shopping for a new Carrier. When property reconstruction is the claim at hand, the payment of funds should be the least of the Policyholder’s worries.


And yet, checks are still being issued more than once, Contractors will delay the start or completion of a project for fear of not being paid, Policyholders have to wrestle with Lenders to simply endorse a checks and bad actors can run away with claims proceeds if they’re not controlled. These poor customer experiences will lead to higher additional living expenses/business interruptions, a longer claims cycle and a higher likelihood for the Policyholder to find a new Carrier.


National claims managers try every strategy under the sun to reduce their cost. But one thing remains constant: when a Lender is listed on a claim check, claims managers are gambling with customer experiences and are at-risk of losing funds. The good news? sureti specializes in resolving these unique issues. We:


  • Control claims proceeds so Contractors can get to work quickly and remove the risk of bad faith claims outcomes
  • Omit the Lender AND the possibility of paying the claim twice
  • Reduce additional living expense or business interruption severity
  • Eliminate the misappropriation of deductibles
  • Allow Policyholders to select their Contractor of choice while ensuring claims are routed to Carrier vetted, pre-approved Contractors
  • Provide real-time progress via geospatial scans (interior) and an aerial image suite (exterior)
  • Facilitate accurate underwriting data to use for improved renewal outcomes
  • Enable paperless, direct payment disbursement for the smaller payments


Claims adjusters and managers have enough items to worry about; making the payment shouldn’t be one of them. With sureti, finally take back the control of claims proceeds, lower expenses and create better Policyholder experiences. But, hey, it’s your money.

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How does sureti Fund Control work?

sureti accelerates the flow of funds without compromising financial risk.

Select Fund Control and enter payee info

Select a contractor network (if any) and issue a digital payment

Policyholder receives an email to digitally endorse the payment and select the preferred contractor

Contractor receives a notification and initial partial payment to
get started

Jobsite is documented with 3D imaging

Monitor progress until
the work is completed
to satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions by Insurance Carriers

sureti is designed to be used independently, but can integrate with your claims systems by request.

Absolutely! As an added benefit sureti allows for Direct Payment disbursements at a small transactional cost complete with managerial controls and discretion.

They can download our app for ease of use or use their web browser to communicate and stay up to date.

Not a problem. Any contractor can easily sign up at pro.sureti.com/getting-started or by emailing concierge@sureti.com

We’ve yet to meet a Contractor that doesn’t want to get started on the job quickly and not worry about where their money will come from. sureti’s goal is a happier Contractor and happier Policyholder.

sureti aims to make it fair and equitable for everyone involved and believes it’s only appropriate to share in the work. Monthly subscriptions start at $550/month and scale with the size of the organization. We earn additional income by sharing in the loss proceeds we control and de-risk on your behalf. Those amounts are agreed to with the Restoration Contractor agreement.

Maybe you don’t. Most property (commercial and residential) Carriers we speak with are deeply concerned with the outcome of their Policyholder’s experience and understand that the lower cost to retain a customer is well worth the small investment. Not to mention the ever-increasing cost of keeping a Policyholder from returning to their home or business. But, hey, it’s your money.

sureti for Insurance Carriers

Manage all your claims disbursements on any device.

  • Add multiple bank accounts
  • Activate and manage Fund Control disbursements for any property claim
  • Issue Direct Payment disbursements for any claim
  • Manage your Contractor network
  • View real-time reconstruction progress
  • Customizable internal disbursement rights