Insurance Carriers

Lowering Loss Ratios by removing the middleman

Property Claims move 30% faster without the Lender. Reduce time. Reduce costs. Gain insights.


Time = Money

Lender involvement extends claims 2-6 months longer than needed.


Prune Additional Living Expense and Business Interruption costs. Thin your indemnity by 23%.

Monitored Claim Payments

See real-time progress updates in the sureti chat. Gain access to geospatial imagery.

One and Done

Never have to reissue a payment again due to bad information. Remove all risk of double indemnity. Your settlement is safe.

The last thing you need is more delays

Delay’s aren’t our style either. That’s why we make it

quick to close your settlement.

1. Enter payment details

Choose between a Direct Payment or Fund Control (ie. no lender). Enter single or multiple payees information.

2. Notify Policyholder

Policyholder receives emails to digitally endorse the payment and select their preferred contractor. We notify contractor and begin releasing funds.

3. Control the flow of funds

We work with Contractors to collect Geo-spatial imaging to make payments as repairs pass certain milestones. You have full transparency into job progress with our sureti chat feature.

We care about your Policyholders


Acquiring new Policyholders is 10x more expensive than retaining existing ones. The claims experience can make or break the decision to renew or not renew. sureti ensures maximum Policyholder retention.

Return Policyholders to their homes or business 30% faster

Frequently Asked Questions

sureti is designed to be used independently but can integrate with your claims systems by request.

Absolutely! As an added benefit sureti allows for Direct Payment disbursements at a small transactional cost complete with managerial controls and discretion.

They can download our app for ease of use or use their web browser to communicate and stay up to date.

Not a problem. Any contractor can easily sign up at or by emailing

We’ve yet to meet a Contractor that doesn’t want to get started on the job quickly and not worry about where their money will come from. sureti’s goal is a happier Contractor and happier Policyholder.