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The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and sureti have announced a strategic partnership to help RIA members accelerate claim settlement payments.


Carlsbad, Calif., March 8, 2023 — sureti, a third-party fund control company for property insurance claim payments, today, announced a strategic partnership with the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), the restoration industry’s oldest and largest non-profit professional trade association dedicated to promoting leadership and best practices, to expand access to sureti’s services to RIA members across North America.


sureti works cross-functionally to establish payment rails between all materially-interested parties in the property insurance claim payments pipeline, including Restoration Contractors, Property Owners, Insurance Carriers, and more. A proponent of educating and supporting the restoration industry, the RIA provides its members with special access to AGA advocacy tools, resources, and position statements to navigate challenges related to pricing, working with TPAs and TPCs, and more. This partnership grants RIA members special access to sureti’s platform at a discounted rate — signaling the organization’s steadfast commitment to providing the latest training and technology resources to industry specialists.


For Contractors, sureti quickly turns insurance claim checks with Mortgage Lenders listed as a payee into actual funds to pay for the work they performed. sureti alleviates much of the administrative burden for both Contractors and their clients by directly interacting with the Lenders on their behalf.


“There’s no question that the legacy means of distributing claims proceeds is inefficient and costly. When a third-party Lender is listed on a claim check, it negatively impacts the Policyholder experience, the Contractor’s ability to build at speed, and the Insurance Carrier’s expenses,” said Sean Duffy, VP of Operations at sureti. “sureti was intentionally created to retrofit the plumbing, cutting out administrative headaches and accelerating claims proceeds. We’re looking forward to servicing RIA members to craft better experiences for everyone in the pipeline.”


As part of this partnership, new Contractors are invited to join sureti’s Certified Contractor Network with a 50% discount off the Branch Fee — equating to $45 each month for the life of the subscription. As a vetted sureti Certified Contractor, RIA members will be visible to current and future clients on the sureti platform, which Property Owners can use to track real-time progress on their property’s restoration. RIA members can access this members-only benefit today on the RIA website under “sureti Discounts.”


To learn more about the sureti platform, contact sureti today or speak with a sureti representative at +1 (866) 471-0547.


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About sureti

sureti is a third-party fund control company that establishes payment rails from Insurance Carriers to certified Restoration Contractors. Founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Mark Whatley and Daniel Smith, sureti removes the need for Mortgage Lenders to be listed on insurance claim checks by taking on the risk the property will be restored. sureti aims to transform the restoration ecosystem with a digital-forward approach to risk management, progress insight, endorsement of multi-party payments, and more. Learn more at sureti.com. Follow us on
YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


About the Restoration Industry Association (RIA)

The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and largest non-profit, professional trade association dedicated to providing leadership and promoting best practices through advocacy, standards, and professional qualifications for the restoration industry. Learn more at restorationindustry.org. Follow the RIA on
YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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