Mortgage Lenders are the backbone of American real estate markets. Mortgage Lenders have a major stake in the property being restored and are currently reliant on archaic methods to ensure their own investment is being restored to pre-loss condition. Lenders are understandably wary of Property Owners/Borrowers following through on restoring property and Contractors performing the work consistently and thoroughly. But the answer is not more paperwork, longer processes, and more on-site inspections – this antiquated and inefficient approach adds enormous cost to not only the Lender, but the Contractor, Property Owner, and Carrier as well.


Processing loss draft checks the legacy way is diluting Mortgage Lenders’ brands, increasing their human capital cost, and the current drive-by inspection process that has emerged over the last few years is leaving every Lender hugely exposed.


This problem needed a fresh set of eyes from those with a deep understanding of the property insurance ecosystem, including developing automated systems to leverage geospatial data to constrain fraud, waste, and abuse. Lenders using sureti reduce their own cost and risks, increase net promoter scores, and vastly improve their Borrower’s customer experience. Those who are looking to maximize a partnership with sureti can leverage sureti’s digital twins to better collateralize the existing real estate assets within their portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions by Mortgage Lenders

A: sureti is an unbiased, third-party fund control operating in the property restoration sphere. We facilitate the restoration process by communicating with Policyholders, Contractors, Insurance Carriers, and Mortgage Lenders to vastly decrease the amount of time each party needs to spend on administration, that funds are used correctly, and that the property is fully restored.

A: sureti prevents fraud by leveraging technology that intelligently calls for manual reviews when things don’t add up. We eliminate waste by reducing the Lender Administrative burden while still protecting their interest in addition to eliminating the delays and cost associated with on-site inspections.

A: Head on over to and enter your contact details. A member of the sureti Team will reach out with next steps.

A: Mortgage Lenders can sign up and sign in through their browser via the sureti Portal at or through the suretiPRO App for iPhone and Android.

A: All of the documents required to begin restoration are attached to the specific claim in the sureti apps and console. The progress of the restoration is documented by utilizing 3D scans to provide comprehensive visual data on the status of the restoration project.

Matterport 3D scans are immersive 3D digital twins of a space. For sureti and our clients, they are used to create digital twins of property to show restoration progress and completion.

A: Matterport 3D scans provide more data than in-person inspections and are easily accessible online by anyone who has been authorized to view. This data can also be used in the long term for future repairs or analysis.