About Us

sureti is a third-party fund control company that establishes payment rails from Insurance Carriers to certified Restoration Contractors. Founded in 2019, sureti removes the need for Mortgage Lenders to be listed on claim checks, effectively taking on the risk that a property will be restored to make way for accelerated payments.


sureti is transforming the restoration ecosystem with a geospatial-biased approach to job progress visibility, risk management, multi-party check endorsement and better renewal outcomes for underwriters.

Our Mission

To be the #1 choice of Carriers to disburse property claim proceeds.


By leveraging technology and exceptional customer service, sureti aims to be the premier platform benefiting Insurance Carriers, Policyholders and Restoration Contractors, ensuring quick and transparent access to funds for efficient property restoration.

Leadership Team


President & Co-Founder

Chris Longano
Chris Longano

Chief Revenue Officer

Jacquie Nelissen
Jacquie Nelissen

VP of Finance & Operations